Digi Glass Factory winner of the architects’ award 2018

Digi Glass Factory has been cooperating with window manufacturers all over Poland for some time now, and our product – intelligent glass meets with great approval. It is a revolutionary solution that perfectly fits into the increasingly popular intelligent and energy-saving building industry. The positive reception of intelligent glass is also reflected in the regular awarding of prestigious prizes.

On October 18, 2018 at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw a conference of representatives of window and door manufacturers took place. The culmination of the conference was the awarding of prizes in several categories. We are extremely pleased that intelligent DGF glass has been awarded in the “Innovative Solutions” category.

nagroda architektów

Why you should choose our solutions

Indigenous production –
no import involved

Competitive price
and time of the
completion of orders

of the glass –
patent (P.420934)

Power and
energy supplies

Low cost
of maintenance

Control and