Our technology

We would like to present you the newest solution dedicated to outdoor windows in both residential and office buildings.

The traditional architectonic solutions presumed that the glazing within the buildings would be completely transparent.

This form certainly possesses some aesthetical advantages, but it still has many drawbacks, i.e. it speeds up the warming up of the rooms.

So far, shutters, blinds, and awnings have been used to deal with this problem. However, we abandon traditional solutions and offer our clients entirely New possibilities.

Intelligent glass with electronic shutters.

Our product is based on the innovative technology of the glazing characterized by variable properties of solar radiation transmittance and constitutes a perfect alternative for traditional solutions. This technology is innovative and intelligent, and enables the adjustment of the interior of the building to the needs of those present in the building, regardless of external conditions.

What distinguishes our product?

  • It is the only product on the market that is fully manufactured in Poland.
  • One of its remarkable features is the sequencing of dimming that makes the glass lose its clarity entirely or only in some areas.
  • The possibility to control it via an elegant control panel or through a remote mobile application.


  • Our product is characterized by a minimal energy consumption. The power consumption 1m2 of 1m2 of glass is less than 1 W.
  • The fact that the glass is characterized by a very high degree of infrared radiation (IR) absorption, (up to 98 %) allows for a significant decrease in the use of air conditioners during hot days, whereas in winter it prevents the excessive thermal losses and, in consequence, reduces the costs of heating.
  • Very soon, the glass will be equipped with photovoltaic cells that will guarantee its energetic self-sufficiency.
  • A self-manageable system that is currently being worked on will regulate the lighting in the room through the appropriate degree of the dimming of the electronic shutters by itself on the basis of given parameters.
  • It will be possible to connect our system with the passive household management system which will enable further savings in the electric energy consumption.

Why you should choose our solutions

Indigenous production –
no import involved

Competitive price
and time of the
completion of orders

of the glass –
patent (P.420934)

Power and
energy supplies

Low cost
of maintenance

Control and