About us

Digi Glass Factory is a company that has been focused on innovation and introduction of new technologies since the very beginning of its existence. We decided to have our products fully manufactured in Poland and in order to achieve this goal, we found the best place for our development by choosing the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park as our location.

We know that innovative products come to existence in order to facilitate daily life and chores. Therefore, our technology is supposed to become a product that will be ubiquitous in both the households and the companies of our customers. We are not concerned with making elite products. The intelligent glass was created with a view that it will become a standard, developing in a manner similar to that of the development of passive and energy efficient building. Our product constitutes a perfect complement to buildings of this type that reflect the concept of intelligent building.

  • We stand out from the competition
  • We are the only manufacturer of such solutions in Poland, which means that the time of the completion of orders is quite short
  • The price of our products is considerably lower than those offered by the competition
  • Our electronic shutters are the only ones on the market that have a segmented division – this solution has been invented and patented by us
  • Our product is the most modern one in its category, which means that it consumes several times less energy

Why you should choose our solutions

Indigenous production –
no import involved

Competitive price
and time of the
completion of orders

of the glass –
patent (P.420934)

Power and
energy supplies

Low cost
of maintenance

Control and