Guarantee rules

Guarantee rules
The Purchaser undertakes to deliver the Equipment with the defect found to the service department DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. (address below). The equipment must be delivered secured protective elements for glass (corners) and waterproof foil. The shipment should be Original warranty card included. In case of failure by the Purchaser to deliver of the original DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. warranty card reserves the right torefusal of warranty repair.

Only the DIGI service department is entitled to perform warranty repairs.
GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o.. Any repairs of the Equipment made by the Purchaser other than service department of DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. cause loss of warranty.

Equipment with a defect found by the Purchaser may be subjected to DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. tests to determine and locate the defect. If conducted the tests will not confirm the existence of the defect identified by the Purchaser, nor will they indicate existence of another defect, not found by the Purchaser covered by the guarantee, DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to charge the Buyer with the resulting costs.

The Purchaser has the right to replace the Equipment with a new one, if any:
– the removal of the defect is impossible or inexpedient
– during the warranty period the device was repaired twice and there are still defects preventing it from being operated as intended.
– In case of replacement of the device with new ones or its repairs, the warranty period is extended by time of leaving the device in the service department of DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o.

The condition for accepting a complaint during the warranty period is:
– delivery of equipment secured as above and with original equipment instructions, floppies, cables, controllers, etc.)
– delivery of a completed warranty card with the device

Scope of the guarantee
The warranty covers only damage caused by material defects.
In particular, the warranty does not cover :
– damage caused by installation and assembly not in accordance with the operating manual
– Damage caused by not following the instructions for use, use, transport, storage, maintenance of the equipment.
– damage resulting from external factors such as: too high temperature, chemically aggressive environment.
– damage caused by mechanical injuries.
– caused by action or omission of the Purchaser.
– damage resulting from a short circuit outside the equipment of the installation.

– damage caused by force majeure.
– products with damaged casing and products without original parts.

Loss of warranty rights
The Purchaser loses the rights resulting from this guarantee in the event of a breach:
– modifications, structural changes or repairs made by persons unauthorized.
– Use of electrical and electronic components to power the device not delivered or not accepted in writing by a DIGI service representative GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o.
– finding a breach, damage, rupture or covering in a way that makes it impossible to identification:
– a) warranty seals
– (b) serial numbers or other markings identifying the equipment Limitation of liability DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. shall not be liable:
– for errors in product operation using drivers and software other than
Recommended by DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o.
– on account of costs incurred by the Purchaser for data reconstruction and reinstallation software or its re-acquisition and licensing
– for damages and lost profits of the purchaser resulting from the necessity to repair the Equipment
– for damages and lost profits of the purchaser resulting from the delay in the execution of the repair warranty equipment
– on account of warranty for physical defects of equipment

Additional provisions
This guarantee is granted exclusively to the Purchaser. DIGI GLASS FACTORY Sp. z o.o. does not is obliged to remove the defect of the Equipment if the warranty document is presented by a person other than the Purchaser.
In case of loss or destruction of this Warranty Card, the duplicate will not exhibited. The condition of validity of this Warranty Card is that it is signed by a person authorised to represent the Purchaser in accordance with the regulations

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