Intelligent windows with transparency! See more With the remote control or application on your phone, you can control and darken sectors of the glass. The smart glass can be completely transparent like a traditional window or completely matt. Get offer

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Intelligent glazing was designed to be a standard, developing in the same way as passive and energy-efficient construction. Our product is a perfect complement to this type of buildings, which reflect the idea of intelligent building.

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Unique technology

Arrangement of office space

Smart Glass from DGF is more than just glass walls. Thanks to the unique technology of transparency adjustment, the glass can become milky or completely transparent at the push of a button. The solution proposed by DGF, makes the use of glass walls gives a lot of completely new applications. Our intelligent glass is very versatile and its possibilities to be used in residential or office space are limited only by the designer's imagination.
Intelligent glass

Smart glass in open space

Intelligent glazing is ideal for open space office spaces. It allows to cover the glass partition in a flash when such a need arises. Thanks to the patented DGF segmentation it is possible to cover only fragments of the pane, which creates a number of possibilities and applications.
Unique technology

Conference rooms

Intelligent glass is perfect for conference rooms. In a fraction of a second it is possible to isolate yourself from other rooms during an important meeting to ensure adequate privacy. It is also possible to use intelligent glass for shows or presentations. After switching to the "milky" mode, intelligent glass is perfect as a display surface for the projector image. Intelligent glass used in this way makes a spectacular impression.
Mobile app

You control each part of the glass independently thanks to the mobile application!

You can only cover the lower part and admire the sky when the upper part is exposed. Configuration of the curtain and the unveiling is absolutely free. Electronic blind" works perfectly well not only in the arrangement of residential interiors but also office ones.

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